MERCI offers encouragement, support and educational tools and resources to help couples discover God's design for marriage. Engaged, newly married and couples married for any number of years will find new ways to love and respect one another in all seasons of life until death do you part.

Marriage can be wonderful, exciting, fun; you know, all those things it was when it was new! After the first 15 years of marriage we realized we were tired of being unhappily married but we didn't know where to turn. Our journey to discovering God's design for marriage has led us to this ministry in the hope we can help couples going through the struggles we experienced.

We recently celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary and have been involved in marriage ministry for the last 15 years teaching, facilitating marriage Bible studies, mentoring and speaking at various churches and other events.

We give God the glory for our renewed marriage!


Marriage Education Resource Center,


Couples often wait until their marriage is in shambles to seek help. MERCI has ongoing classes and events that will encourage husbands and wives to maintain a loving and respectful relationship.

Biblical studies on marriage are regularly offered utilizing teaching, video and discussion formats; monthly free workshops  are held with invited speakers presenting a variety of topics...communication, conflict resolution, sexual intimacy, and addressing other challenges to enjoying an amazing marriage.


 For complete list of events through November 2017,  please click link at bottom.


is more important

than your marriage!